Welcome to "My 3D Sharp PC1500"

You will find on this site the first 3D emulator of the Sharp(c) PC-1500 calculator.

It is running entirely in the browser and is written in pure JavaScript / TypeScript.
It uses the OpenGL library available on all modern browsers.
It also uses the ThreeJS library to render and manipulate 3D objects.

This site is a tribute to this calculator that was sold in the 80's and has been the seed for a lot of today's computer engineers and hobbists.

You can use almost all the significant versions of this calculator and it's peripherals.
This site will eventually hosts most of the documentation and software that existed.

What can you do ?
You can use all the displayed objects. They act as the real calculators or peripherals:

How to use:
Use the mouse (left and right buttons, wheel) or the fingers (one or two) to move around, zoom and click. (you can start already outside this dialog box)

The keyboard can be used to enter characters or press special buttons (SHIFT, MODE...)
When you click on an object, a menu is displayed to show the different options.

The target icon centers automatically the screen on the corresponding object or on the calculator

The keyboard icon shows/hides the Automatic Entry panel and the Tape panel.

Please enjoy this trip along memory lane !

This site is a work in progress. Come back regularly to find new features, docs...
If you find bugs, please contact me at: contact@forever1500.fr

What will come soon ?